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Submit a Living Tribute

The Garden of Peace is pleased to offer family member survivors the opportunity to share stories of their loved ones. By focusing on who your loved one was and the life they led, you remember them--and in a small way others get to know them--beyond the violent act that ended their life. Furthermore, the stories woven together provide a powerful reminder of the impact of homicide. 

Think about what you'd like others to know about your loved one. Consider using the questions below to help you tell their story.

  • What made them special?
  • What/who did they like/love/enjoy?
  • What/who made them happy?
  • What/who was important to them?
  • What were their dreams?
  • What is their legacy?
  • What is a special memory you or others have of them?
  • What do you miss most about them?
  • What was/is the impact of your loss?

You may use the form below to submit your tribute online.

If you'd prefer to submit the tribute by mail, click here for instructions.

Please note: Only stories about homicide victims memorialized in the Garden of Peace will be posted on the website. Tributes are limited in size and subject to edits, which will be discussed with you before posting.

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