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Personal Story: Peter Marvit

Oct 4, 1960 to Sep 17, 2012

Peter Marvit was many things; bored was not among them. In fact, he thought being bored was a sin. In that vein, he was a self-proclaimed renaissance man. He also loved many things: his daughter, his companion Susie, his cat Pumpkin Seed, his collection of hundreds and hundreds of neckties, exceptional food, interesting artwork, puns, odd words, hiking in the Sierras, traveling, being super-smart, and experiencing the newness of life. He was my ex-husband. He was also my best friend. In that way too, he was exceptional. He refused to let others define him or his relationships. To me he was family; and when he was shot pointblank in front of his home in Baltimore on September 17, 2012 part of me died. A bright light went out and we were left in the darkness of grief. He is deeply missed by so many. Yet he would want us to celebrate his life and not dwell on his death. May we always remember this and act in outrageous quirkiness.

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