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Garden Design Map

Garden Design1. 'Tragic Density' Granite Lens

The surface is the only part visible of the huge stone of sadness and grief buried in the hearts of those who have lost a loved one.

2. Dry Streambed

A stream should be full of water, the life-giver; but this stream is dry with only the victims' names to remind us of the lives that were taken.

3. River Stones

Stones bear the names, and dates of birth and death for each victim engraved 2004-2010. Each stone is different, as unique as the life of the person whose name it bears. Their numbers, carrying so many names, reflect such enormous loss.

4. Seat Walls

A quiet resting place for tranquil contemplation and appreciation of nature. Location of all engraved names since 2011.

5. Cross Walk

The point where our paths and those of the victims become one; where we and they meet; a union of pathways and footsteps.

6. Stone Walkways

Crunching beneath our feet, grounding us in the here and now. 

7. Gathering Space

A communal space that allows us to look along the streambed, back at the sorrow, and forward to hope. A public place for educational programs and vigils.

8. Cascade - water begins

Water springing forth, reminding us that life is an ongoing process.

9. Pool

A pool of water reminding us of the possibilities that still exist.

10. 'Ibis Ascending'

A burst of life, springing from the pool, three ibises rise to the sky transcending pain, anger, and grief.

11. River Birch

Its bark changes, mahogany in its first season then salmon and gold as it matures, and back to deepest brown at its fragile edges. It grows best in groups, each tree drawing strength from the others, stems leaning and clacking against each other in the strongest winds.

12. Yew Trees

Limited in height, straight, evergreen, unchanging in all seasons, providing shelter from winter winds, evergreen, ever young.

13. Groundcover

An evergreen cloak, softening the surface and defining its contours.

14. Wall of Recognition

Recognition of major supporters of the Garden of Peace. Those who have made possible the commemoration of the hundreds of lives lost to homicide.

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