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Personal Story: Teresa Bercume-Caron

Mar 10, 1963 to Sep 14, 1986

Sister of Garden of Peace Board Member Susan Bercume-Brandolini

Teresa was 23 when she was murdered. The mother of 2-year-old, Jennifer Rose. Teresa was the second of four daughters. Teresa’s mother, Rose, would give her life to have one more moment with her or to say “I love you” to Teresa.

Teresa had charisma and she used it to make you feel special. She related to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. You couldn’t help but notice this fact at her wake.

Teresa’s death on 9.14.86 was at the hands of a man with generous purse strings. His trial was so well financed that a Superior Court Judge retired to defend him. He only received a 9-12 year sentence. However, due to an error in addressing the jury, it was time served at 5 years.

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