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Personal Story: Valerie Ann Giourard

May 22, 1963 to Jul 30, 2010

My sister Valerie was a wonderful woman! She was compassionate, loving and would give her last dime to anyone! She loved all animals, especially cats which she kept food with her in case she ran across a hungry one! She was a great sister, the middle of 3 girls. A loving daughter to our mom, and fiercely loved her 2 daughters Mariah and Madison. On July 30th 2010 at 3:30 am she was awoken by her dog barking and she encountered her daughter's ex- boyfriend who broke into their home to hurt her daughter. She protected her with her life and was murdered that morning breaking many hearts when she left us! Her murderer is in prison for life without parole plus 8 yrs. She is missed dearly by all of our family but especially her two daughters! The world is robbed of a gentle soul that we cherish with our memories. I love you Val! XOXOX

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