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Personal Story: Richard Smith

Aug 1, 1923 to Sep 7, 2000

Richard, a native New Yorker, was a retired accountant. He was married for 44 years to Helen, and they had one child. In his youth he played basketball and enjoyed sports. He was devoted to his family and spent many hours with his daughter while she was young. They were very close. He was a kind, gentle man with light blue eyes.

In 1994, Richard and Helen were visiting their daughter in Newton, when they were victims of a hit and run. His wife died immediately and Richard suffered life-threatening permanent injuries that plagued him during the remaining years of his life. He suffered greatly. So did his daughter. The man who caused this was no stranger to the law. He was charged with vehicular homicide and served 7.5 years. He was deported upon his release from prison.

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