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Personal Story: Chris Maki

Dec 19, 1966 to Nov 5, 1997

Son of Board Member - Jane Maki

Brother of Board President- Amy Maki

Chris was an environmental chemist living in Charlotte NC. On Nov 5th while walking to his apartment, he was attacked, robbed, stabbed, and left alone to die. He was 30 years old.

Chris lived life to the fullest. He was an avid reader who loved skiing, sailing, and snowboarding. Wherever he ventured, he formed deep and lasting friendships. He was intensely loyal; the oldest of three, he was always deeply committed to his family. His twin siblings were only a year and a half younger, so from childhood on, they had the distinction of being his very best friends.

Three men who were looking for money to finance their crack habit murdered Chris. They were arrested and on Nov.10, 1998 were allowed to plead guilty to second-degree murder. All are serving sentences ranging from 20-30 years in North Carolina prisons.

The Maki family keeps Chris’s memory alive through the Christopher Maki Memorial Foundation.

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