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Living Tributes

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Behind the names in the Garden are real people with real lives, stories, families, friends, and communities. 

As former Board Chair Evelyn Tobin noted at the 2008 Honor Program, "It is important that we tell the stories of the lives they lived. So that we can all remember what has been lost...."

By sharing the stories of your loved ones, we ask the world to remember their lives beyond the violent acts that ended them. The stories woven together provide a powerful reminder of the beauty of life, the devastating impact of loss, and the senselessness of violence. 

With your permission, we will post tributes on the Garden of Peace website.

Please note: Only living tributes to homicide victims memorialized in the Garden of Peace will be posted to the website.

Personal stories are provided by the family of the victim. MOVA is not responsible for views expressed in the content.

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