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About Us

The Garden of Peace is a memorial commemorating victims of homicide and an enduring reminder of the impact of violence. It's a visual testament to the need for eliminating violence. The Garden is a symbol of hope for peace and renewal in our lives, our community, and the world.

The central feature of the memorial is a dry streambed containing smooth river stones engraved with the names of victims of homicide. The streambed begins with a circular black granite stone called "Tragic Density" that symbolizes the enormous weight of sadness and grief. The streambed moves through the Garden and culminates with a trickle of water into a pool out of which rises "Ibis Ascending," a skyward sculpture representing hope. The seat walls throughout the Garden, engraved with victims' names since 2011, offer a place to sit and reflect.

It is a special place where families, friends, and the greater community can remember and celebrate the lives of those taken by violence.

The Garden of Peace encourages change by raising awareness and by serving as an anti-violence educational tool. Local and statewide violence prevention and community-building organizations are welcome to incorporate visits to the Garden into their educational programs. Visitors to Boston are invited to enjoy the beauty of the Garden's park-like setting and to make the experience of the site part of their visit to historic Boston.

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